CrossFit Total

Chad and I did our first CrossFit total today.  The idea behind CrossFit Total can be found here:

My score was 380.  I felt a little bummed with my press weight of 70 lbs.  It’s pretty frustrating working through a shoulder injury.  At the same time, I’m almost grateful for that injury because it makes me more empathetic to clients I train who are working through something similar.

Injuries are interesting.  Whether they are emotional or physical, injuries put limitations on your quality of life.  When working through an injury, people usually respond in one of two ways:
1. They allow their hurt and frustration to send them on an emotionally draining downward spiral
2.  The use their hurt and frustration as an opportunity for growth and reflection, inspiring others in the process.

Today, I was dangerously close to choosing response number one.  But then I worked with a patient who was once super active and is now doing post-surgery rehab for a ruptured quad.  Watching him work on single-leg balance (knowing he used to squat well over 400 lbs.) with a smile on his face filled me with such appreciation and joy.  My empty bucket was immediately filled.

My lesson today was to remember to live life with an attitude of gratitude.  No one is up 100% of the time, but during those times when you are down remember your blessings and find something that makes your heart sing.

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