Back to Life. Back to Reality.

I always get the back from vacation blues. Some people loathe the idea of being away for too long. Me? I could easily move to an island, open up a CrossFit box, and chill for the rest of my life.
I help my husband run his chiropractic clinic. We’re one of those couples that actually enjoy being together 24/7. He’s an amazing doctor, incredibly empathetic with our patients. I have a great deal of respect for him as a husband, a business owner, and most importantly as a dad.
We came back to the office yesterday after being gone for 5 days. I almost started to cry when I saw my desk. It’s like all the piles of patient files and paperwork were laughing at me saying in their creepy little voices, “You know you can’t wait to play with us!”
I spent most of yesterday working with patients, working on the website for my CrossFit box and ignoring the piles on my desk. Clearly, I have no problem procrastinating when I have the back from vacation blues (look at my blogging instead of working now).

Chad and I did a front squat 1RM WOD (workout of the day).  My goal is to front squat 200 lbs. I’m not even close:

1    –    1    –    1    –    1    –   1    –   1    –   1    –    1
75#   115#   125#   125#   125#   125#  125#   135#
FAIL                                     FAIL

The only reason I tried the 135 was because I wanted to do the same body weight percentage as Chad. I was so mad when I dropped the weight. Chad just laughed at me which made me laugh at the absurdity of my competitiveness.
Today, he was working on handstand push ups at lunch. I was FINALLY doing paperwork for the clinic when he said, “I don’t think you can do 3 rounds of 60 sec in a handstand position.” I’m such a little kid. I felt like I was being double-dog dared. Of course I put my work on hold, went downstairs and did 3 rounds of 75 seconds just to prove him wrong! I love our dynamic.
So, I still have the back from vacation blues. I still fantasize about selling the business and running away to an island somewhere in the Caribbean. But I also know that the blues will be over by the weekend and my island fantasy will be forgotten until our next vacation.  In the meantime, I’ll be insanely joyful while training my clients and loving on my injured patients.

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