Back to School Transformation Challenge

My gym is hosting a Back to School challenge August 1st-24th, but I’m opening it up to everyone on the Interwebz!  I’ll be doing the challenge again with y’all.  To see my results from the last time I did the challenge, click here.  It was an awesome experience, and I’ve kept it off.  I’m ready to take it to the next level, and I want everyone to join me!

back to school

Here’s how it works for my out-of-towners::

1.  Purchase the challenge pack that meets your fitness needs:

  • For energy, click here.
  • For appetite control, click here.
  • For weight management, appetite control and overall wellness, click here.

2.  Add me personally as a friend on Facebook so I can add you to our secret group.

3.  Take before measurements and a before “selfie”

I’m going to post a daily workout in the Facebook group that can be done any where; that way those that don’t have access to a gym can participate, too.  The goal setting seminar I do at the gym will be recorded and uploaded so everyone can learn to set goals.  On day 24, you’ll remeasure and take an after “selfie.”  The “out-of-towner” with the most inches lost will receive a goody bag in the mail!

There is power in numbers, and I know that the more people who participate, the greater results we’ll experience together.  Who’s in?

The deadline is July 30th!