James aka “The Liani Project”

James’ awesome transformation

When I first met James, he told me had one goal, “to get fine.” We both laughed, and I promised him I would do my best to help him get as fine as possible.   What I didn’t learn until recently was his real motivation for coming to see me.

In James’ own words:

My motivation came from the summer of July 2013. I was on a jet ski, and my daughter was with me riding on the back.  We were jumping the waves and having a great time, when all of a sudden, I hit a big wave and we both flew off. I thought I could swim to the jet ski because I have always been able to swim. As I began to swim towards the ski, the ski was drifting farther away, which caused me to swim faster and longer. I finally caught up to the jet ski, but I was exhausted, and I could not pull myself up to get back on. Lucky for us, we had on life jackets because I know we hung onto the back of that jet ski for at least 20 minutes. My daughter said,” Come on dad. Get back on so we can get out of here!” I was so fatigued I could barely climb on, but I knew that I had to protect her and get us back to shore. From that day forward, I promised myself that I would get back into shape and improve my endurance and strength. I have lost over 50 pounds since then. I met Liani at 1960 CrossFit in mid August 2013. I joined and became the “Liani project.” LOL.

James has lost weight, gained confidence, and has increased his strength and endurance exponentially over the last couple of years.  I also think he’s done a great job of achieving that “get fine” goal!

How about you?  What’s your motivation for getting healthy?