Here what my clients have to say.

“Before training with Liani, I was going to the gym maybe two times a week, doing machines, and never saw a difference in my body. I hated going to the gym.  I was always very tired from my job as a hairdresser and suffered from chronic back and neck pain…” Click here to read Jessica’s success story.

“The person who I do this for is not only myself, but for my gorgeous daughter, Jazi, my motivation.  I want her to look up to me as not only her mother but as a good healthy role-model.”  Click here to read all about Dee’s journey.

“My ultimate goal in life is to actively play with my grandkids.  I want them to think that their Pawpaw is Superman.  In order to achieve this goal I have to break the chain of unhealthy eating and inactivity.”  Click here to read Terry’s success story.