Faith and Fitness

I just noticed a correlation between the strengthening of my faith and the amount I train others.  When I’m training someone, I give them all of myself, every ounce of energy I possess.  It leaves my empty.  It’s then that I turn to my life source.

I’m not the kind of Christian that’s going to beat you over the head with a Bible, claiming you’ll be damned to eternity for every sin you commit.  To me, that heavy-handed approach goes against everything Christ taught us.  He taught us to love one another, not to judge and condemn.  We all make mistakes.  We’re human.  We’re fallible.  All I can do is try my hardest to live a purpose driven life.

The last three days have truly been a test.  Monday found me down in the dumps.  I felt far from God, far from the kids, and far from my husband.  I gave it all to my clients, the patients, and the clinic.  I skipped my workout, went to my Daddy’s house, and cried for a while as he stroked my hair.  (There’s nothing like the love of a father.)  He told me I needed to start scheduling some “me” time.

The next morning, I asked Chad to pray for me.  We prayed for balance, energy, and strength.  I saw more clients and patients than the previous day; however I felt completely renewed.  I even did my first WOD as prescribed:

Strength:  DE Bench press (65#)

metcon:  3 rounds for time:  (13:56 Chad only beat me by 4 seconds!!!)
30 slam balls 20/15
21 KB swings 50/35
400 m run

Today has been amazing!  I got to spend some time with the girls this morning, train a few clients, and get some paperwork done for the clinic.  Today’s WOD kicked my tail (really it was the ring dips that did me in.):

AMRAP in 5:00 (3 rounds + 3 c&j)
5 clean & jerk 135/95 (I did 65 lbs)
10 ring dips
REST 3:00
AMRAP in 5:00 (3 rounds + 8 deadlifts)
10 Deadlifts 135/95 (I did 95 lbs.!!!)
10 Double-unders (super challenging today)

After the workout, we treated ourselves to some Mexican (I love hump-day cheat-days!).  When we got back to the clinic, I took a 10 minute siesta, recharged my battery, and worked with some more clients.

My attitude of gratitude is intense today.  I’m grateful for my job and the ability I have to assist people in making positive changes for their lives.  I’m grateful for my husband who happily prays with (and for) me.  I’m grateful for my faith and the way it fills me with complete joy.  I’m grateful for my stepdaughters and the laughter they provide me.  I’m grateful for a dad who took care of my mom when she was terminal and who continues to take care of me.  I’m just grateful.