Digging Deep

snapchat-1576815169I usually have Pandora’s Cage the Elephant or 90s Alternative or Lecrae blaring while I workout.  Today, I had Jagger’s nap time lullaby music streaming through the baby monitor.  I never realized just how much I rely on music to motivate me.  Lifting to Brahms’ Lullaby challenged me more than the workout itself. Talk about digging deep!!!

The good news is I learned that I’ve been dependent on external motivation instead of it coming from within. I clearly need to workout in silence more often to exercise those internal motivation muscles. At weightlifting meets the lifters pull sans music. If I want to qualify for the American Open, I must learn to harness the force (lame Star Wars reference. I couldn’t help it 😂).  It’s always fun to learn that you have another weakness (beyond sarcastic!).


Today’s Workout (1.2.17):

  1. Banded hip extension 3×15 – this was my first time to do these.  They were a great warm up for the lifting that followed.
  2. Glute activation 3×10 – I did side lying leg lifts, 10 low, 10 medium, 10 high and then 10 with full range of motion.  The next set was done with my top leg 90 degrees in front of me with full range of motion from floor to ceiling. 
  3. Hang muscle snatch 1RM then -10% @ 4×1 (85 1RM) – I failed at 95#.  I was a little frustrated but considering I’ve averaged one workout a week for the last 7 weeks, I’ll take it!
  4. Hang Snatch 1RM then -15% @ 3×2 (95) – I failed at 105#.  I actually caught it at the bottom, but I’m not sure what happened. Maybe I got distracted.  That tends to happen pretty easily. LOL!
  5. 3 sec snatch pull 4×2 @ 80% (90#) – These felt really good on my hamstrings.  I noticed that I was lifting my hips too early in the first set, which is a mistake I often make when snatching.  I’ll be adding these often to correct that early hip rise.
  6. E2MO2M for 10 min
    Shin jumps x 8
    Banded GHR x 8
    This was awesome!  I’ve never performed shin jumps before, but I can totally see how they will make me more explosive.  The glute ham raises were challenging.  I used the black band (medium-ish resistance), and my hammies were screaming!  I have a feeling that I’ll be really sore tomorrow!

The baby monitor died just as I was finishing my last GHR.  I quickly ran into the RV to check on Jagger.  Sweet boy was sleeping soundly so I stretched and relaxed with a post workout Fresca.  It was a great day of lifting and learning and digging deep!