“My first CrossFit WOD last year was the worst (before pic).  I can still remember how sore I was the following day. Looking back a year later, I’m glad I was introduced to CrossFit by my two coaches (Chad & Liani). It changed me both mentally & physically.  I used to say “I’m never going to be able to do that.”  A year later, I went from jumping pull ups to doing unassisted pull ups.  My back squat went from 95lb-127lb, deadlift from 105lb-155lb, and during yesterday’s WOD, I PR’d my push jerk from 70lb-90lb.  Now, I come in with my game face, ready to beast, and kill the WOD 🙂   Anything is possible to achieve, you just have to set your mind and work for it.  At the end it’s all worth it. I really appreciate everyone who has supported me:   my family, friends, my coaches, my box mates. If it wasn’t for you guys screaming “Go little D!  You’ve got this!  Keep going!  Don’t stop till you finish!” I wouldn’t push myself as hard. The person who I do this for is not only myself, but for my gorgeous daughter, Jazi, my motivation.  I want her to look up to me as not only her mother but as a good healthy role-model.  I love you baby-girl!! All the sweat, bumps, and bruises are worth it!”

― Dee