Terry is a success story from 2012, my 2nd year owning 1960 CrossFit.

When did you start Crossfit? For me Crossfit started with a Med Ball WOD at a park in September 2011.  This was the first of many, many more times that a WOD sucked and made you feel awesome at the same time.

Why did you start Crossfit?

My ultimate goal in life is to actively play with my grandkids.  I want them to think that their Pawpaw is Superman.  In order to achieve this goal I have to break the chain of unhealthy eating and inactivity.  Crossfit provides the variety, challenge and community that I need to be and stay healthy to throw the football around in 2042.

What is your favorite movement and/or WOD?

I love snatches.  The buildup from floor to knee… The extension of the hips create that explosive lift of the bar and when you hit just right, your body instinctually ease under it … That beautiful feeling when you are down in the overhead squat position, butt to the floor, core is tight and stable… That wonderfully powerful controlled bounce at the bottom to get you “out of the hole”… And at last, that drive to the top, arms are wide and active, core is strong moving the upper and lower as one fluid unit.  Then you finish erect, powerful and completely satsified.  Then you do it all over again… glorious. Oh yeah, I do like doubleunders especially when I’m tired and catch that groove. And “Fran” is my girl.

What is your least favorite movement and/or WOD?

Burpees, Thrusters, and any running over 800 meters.  So of course, these movements are what I need to do the most.

Describe Crossfit in 5 words:

You are not dead, yet.
Snatches, burpees, pull ups, 400 m, Repeat.
Two-a-days for 30 year olds.

How has 1960 Crossfit benefited you?

Crossfit has taught me that in order to reach my ultimate goal (Superman Pawpaw) I have to eat better.  With better fuel, I perform better during WOD’s and more importantly I live a better life. We have a great squad at 1960 Crossfit.  Everyone has the same goal: to be better and to help you get better and I feel that every day, from the coaches to the veterans to the “youngens.” Next year I will receive Certification and I will coach.  This is what I am meant to do.

― Terry