Destin – Part 1

Forgetful-BatchWe left Spring, TX, yesterday morning around 9am. Thirty minutes into the journey I realized that I forgot my backpack. I NEVER leave home without my backpack. My lifting shoes, belt, straps, wrist wraps, resistance bands, Nike Metcons, and computer were all in that bag. I had a minor freak out and sweetly asked my husband if we could order some resistance bands off of Amazon. Thank you, Prime, for never letting me down. My order will be waiting for me in Destin when we arrive!

Some would say that I’m a bit ridiculous. My oldest doesn’t need to say it; the expression was written all over her almost 14 year old face 😂  For me, being active is my medicine, my escape, a moment in the day when I get to forget about responsibilities.


Our goal is to eventually travel full time in the Irv (our RV). I want to practice the habit of staying healthy while on the road.  While I’m awesome at staying active, I have a history of using our road trips as an excuse to let sound nutrition go out the window (goodbye broccoli and hello Doritos!).  My 80/20 whole food/treats turns more into 80/20 treats/whole food and tracking macros goes out the window; not a big deal once in a blue moon.. everyone needs a break from tracking…definitely a big deal if you’re gone more than you’re home.

I love that we’re not expected to be perfect.  We are all beautiful works in progress. The cliche rings true:  Just be better today than you were yesterday.

Here’s to tracking macros on the road 😉

What about you, how do you stay healthy while on vacation? Let me hear all your tips and tricks!


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