Summer Smash & Bash 2013

We held our 1st in-house competition at 1960 CrossFit last Sunday. It was incredible!  No greater validation for my calling exists than seeing people, who were unable to even run 400m a few months ago, complete 3-4 workouts in 1 day.   The frantic energy was palpable.  The forged friendships and increased confidence were awesome.  My heart is so full of pride, love, and absolute joy!

This was pretty much me all day, hyper-focused intensity! LOL!
Ollie, our oldest competitor, and winner of the Spirit of Excellence award
Ollie and I talking about the possibility of a 1960 CrossFit calendar with him on the cover…his idea! LOL!
Here I am explaining the movement standards for the championship workout
DeJuan being pushed by Byron and his judge, Herman. Chad is all smiles in the background.
I’m trying to convince Jeff that he needs to compete in the next one
Beginner Women-1st Lisa N, 2nd Maribel R, 3rd Angelica H
Rx Women – 1st Jaclyn M, 2nd Marisol, 3rd Jeanine
Beginner Men – 1st Mario, 2nd Chad, 3rd Adi C.
Rx Men – 1st DeJuan, 2nd Frank, 3rd Joe N

All photos are courtesy of Ray Caywood, Red Triangle Studios

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