Getting Back on Track

Annie T and Lindsey Smith...two of CrossFit's finest

Thanksgiving comes.  Thanksgiving goes.  What remain are an attitude of gratitude and a few extra pounds from a weekend of gluttony.  It’s easy to get back on track as long as you remember a few things.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.  We are all really great at seeing our shortcomings while failing to acknowledge our successes.  Stop beating yourself up for falling off the wagon and remember to celebrate all the gains you’ve made thus far.  Have you set a new PR recently? Did your body fat percentage drop?  Take the time to celebrate those victories!

List your “Whys.”  If you’re trying to commit to a healthy lifestyle without knowing why you’re doing it, you are ultimately setting yourself up to fail.  Make a list of 15-20 reasons why you want to eat healthy and exercise.   Do you want to lower your cholesterol?  Are you doing it so you can be the hottest person at your high school reunion?  Did you lose a loved one to cancer?  Write your list and put it somewhere you can see it daily.  The constant reminder will make it a lot more challenging to fall off the wagon.

Set definable goals.  Do you want to run a 5k?  Do you want to compete in the Crossfit Open this February?  Do you want to lose a certain percentage of body fat?  I like the 30-60-90 calendar:  goals that you accomplish in 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days.  My 30-60-90 looks like this:  compete in Spartan Race in 30 days, add 10 lbs to my back squat in 60 days, and drop 1 min off my Fran time in 90 days.  Will I accomplish those goals?  As long as I visualize those goals daily, there is no reason why I won’t be able to accomplish them.

Share your goals.  Whether you post them on Facebook or Twitter, sharing your goals with others will hold you accountable and help you adhere to the goals you set for yourself.

Get coaching and support.  One thing CrossFit offers over the typical globo gym is excellent coaching and a sense of community.  Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals helps propel you in a certain direction.  It works both positively and negatively, so be sure to surround yourself with healthy, happy people.

With Christmas and New Year’s around the corner there is a chance you will fall off the wagon again.  Just maintain that attitude of gratitude, utilize the 5 steps listed above, live healthy and laugh daily.

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