Jeff’s 1st Eight Weeks

Jeff 1st 8 weeks

We recently did a different kind of challenge at 1960 CrossFit, the Rise Challenge.  The way it worked was our members nominated someone they knew (didn’t have to be a member of the gym) that they believed deserved a free eight weeks of nutrition coaching and CrossFit.  From there, the three people deemed the most in need were selected.  Meet Jeff, one of the contestants, and read his story:

This is my 30 pounds in two months journey. I have a lifelong friend that joined 1960 CrossFit. He would brag about his weight loss and energy level all the time. One day he called me out of the blue and said, “You won! You won!” I had no idea what he was talking about. Little did I know, he had entered me in a drawing for the eight week Rise Challenge.  I just wanted to know, “Why me?” He said, “Jeff, they just want to help you get back some of what you lost, and that you gained, if you know what I mean.” LOL!

The day finally came. I was dialed in and ready. When I met Liani and Norman I felt like I knew them for years. Liani set me up with a meal plan just for me and Norman took care of the rest.  She gave me a meal plan with so many different meals to pick from that it was truly easy to follow. She said, first thing first, she would fix me from the inside out.  I simply ate what she said and it worked. After two weeks, my energy dropped and I knew something was wrong.  Liani explained to me that I had lost so much weight so fast that my body needed more calories.  She adjusted my plan, and I was off losing again with more energy.

After my 8 weeks was up, I had lost 28 pounds. I took a week off to just let my body heal a little after an injury, but stayed with my meal plan, and still lost 2 pounds. The week after that I had to go to the eye doctor because I had an iritis flare up. I couldn’t drive. The light would hurt my eye so I couldn’t go workout, but I still lost a pound. Two weeks away from the gym and still three pounds down? Now that’s fixing me from the inside out.” 1960 CrossFit is not a gym; it’s more than that. It’s a support group, friends, and family.  What more do you need?

I am so excited about his progress.  He learned the importance of communication, proper portion control and exercise.  He says he wants to continue his new healthy lifestyle indefinitely, and I couldn’t be more excited to keep working with him.  It’s always awesome to work with people who are truly ready to make a change!