Whole30 – Day 1

Yesterday was our first day on the Whole30.  For breakfast we had:  eggs, veggies, and some apple with organic (sugar-free)  Sunbutter.  I’ve decided Sunbutter is my new favorite.  It tastes remarkably similar to peanut butter 🙂

For lunch we had a giant salad with spinach, chopped red cabbage, celery, avocado, tomato, and a bit of apple.  It was topped with EVOO and organic, free range chicken cooked in a bit of coconut oil.

Delicious lunch!

Chad cooked dinner for me, which was such a treat!  He baked some fish in the oven covered with ghee, lemon, and chili flakes and some other extra spicy herbs.  (On a side note, I’m totally stoked ghee is now allowed on the Whole30.) We had some steamed veggies with coconut aminos on the side.

After dinner, we were still a bit hungry, so we had a few slices of cinnamon baked apple with a light crumble of almond flour, dates and cocount oil. I topped it with a touch of cold coconut milk; the perfect topper to a delicious meal.

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