When the Going Gets Tough…

I’m a runner.  It only took three decades, but I fully realize it about myself now.  When the going gets tough, this girl wants to move to a new city, a new country, or just go on vacation.

We learned about personality types at church the past two Sundays.  It turns out, I’m a strong Sanguine with a touch of Phlegmatic.   This basically means I want to have as much fun as possible as long as it doesn’t require too much work; not a good combination for a business owner.  My husband, on the other hand, is a strong Choleric with a touch of Melancholy.  He’s motivated by power along with a slight need for detail oriented perfection; the ultimate CEO.  Could we be more opposite?

Normally, we work exceedingly well together.  Today, unfortunately, was one of those rare exceptions.  The combination of lack of sleep, skipped meals, and a desk full of paperwork  turned me into a Yeti;  an evil yeti with a powerful desire to drive to the airport and take the next plane out of dodge.  Instead, I hopped in the Smart and drove around for awhile listening to NPR.  Such a rebel.

My Yeti alter-ego

As I drove, I felt more and more awful for the way I treated Chad before I left.  Why is it that when we’re stressed we take it out on the one’s we love most?  I decided I had to make it up to him.  I picked up my stepdaughter from an indoor rock climbing place, bought an “I’m sorry for being a brat” card, and put a whole free-range “happy” chicken in the oven stuffed with lemon, onion, garlic, and rosemary with olive oil and pepper drizzled on top.

As I’ve aged, I’ve learned the importance of putting others ahead of myself.  When my old selfish ways creep up on me I have to acknowledge them and put them back in time out. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t occasionally reminisce about my old bartending days, when I would go on 12 vacations a year, and lived a life of carefree irresponsibility.  Was I happier then?  Absolutely not.  My life is full of more love, joy and meaning now than I ever could have imagined.  Did I have more fun then?  It depends on your definition of fun.  If your idea of fun is partying your tail off till the wee hours of dawn with reckless abandon, then yes, I definitely had more fun then.

My idea of fun has changed.  I like waking up with a clear head.  I love spending quality time with my family.  I enjoy goal setting and looking forward to my future while enjoying every moment in the present.  Wow, when did I grow up?

We owe the height to box jumps. Thanks, CrossFit!




2 thoughts on “When the Going Gets Tough…

  1. I love it Liani…your right though, sometimes when we are stressed and have a lot on our plates we take it out on the poeple we love. The ones who are only trying to help and support us. Luckily, they love us in return and are able to forgive and be understanding of the situation and circumstance. They will continue to show support and love through these times because in the end, all we have is one another : )

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