My Kitchen Love Affair

From early 2001 to the end of 2003, I found myself falling in love with the kitchen.  I played sous chef to my ex, an amateur culinary genius.  We’d cook French, Italian, Indian (well, he tried, but I was anti-curry in those days.  Thank God, I’ve seen the light!).  With the end of that relationship came the end of my love affair with All-Clad and Le Creuset.

Fast forward eight years.  I find myself, once again, falling in love with the kitchen.  Only this time, instead of cooking by region, my delicacies are prepared according to whatever “lifestyle change” my ADHD falls into:  vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, raw, Daniel’s Fast, Ph Miracle, Blood Type, Paleo.

When I initially started Crossfit in 2008, I dabbled in Paleo.  I was a strict vegan so the no dairy thing was easy for me; however I found the whole meat consumption thing rather challenging. Things are totally different now that I’ve discovered meat and eggs from happy, organic, antibiotic free, grass-fed/grain fed, roaming free on the pasture/farm cows and chickens.

I am slowly becoming a Paleo junkie!  The strict no-dairy plays perfectly to my ex-vegan ways.  The problem with being a vegan was the intense lethargy.  By eating Paleo, my energy levels have sky-rocketed.  I no longer get that mid-day crash.  The best part, is  my workouts have dramatically improved and I’m finding joy in rediscovering creativity in the kitchen.

I’ve decided that I’m going to start a nutrition page on this blog that shows what we eat, how it’s prepared, and whether or not it was a winner.  Lord knows there are times when I cook something I believe will melt the hearts of kings only to find it isn’t even suitable for New York City’s “Mole People.”

I’m excited by the re-ignition of my kitchen love affair.  I’m thrilled with the prospect of utilizing my creativity for something besides programming workouts.    Tonight it was cedar plank salmon and cauli-ous-ous.  Tomorrow is anyone’s guess.  All I know is I’m on fire.


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