Good Times Indeed!

Me and my amazing dad, Rick

So, it turns out I was a mixed bag of emotions for no reason at all; except for elation, that one was really great!  The soft opening turned out beautifully.  We had about 7 volunteers help get everything together:  tent set-up, food preparation, grilling, etc.  Eleven athletes participated in the workout.  We had Dream Tree provide the alkaline water.  Overall, everyone had a great time!

It’s pretty funny how much of a worrier I can be; considering I’m about the most optimistic, easy-going person I know.  I guess there’s a small part of me that desperately wants everything to be perfect; a really small, teeny, tiny, itty, bitty part.  We’re doing our Grand Opening on January 1.  I think I’ll re-read this post around that time to remind myself not to stress, to enjoy every moment, and to remember that nothing is ever perfect.  No matter what, it will be a good time.  As long as everyone is having fun and getting fit, I’ll consider it a job well done!

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