Loving Labor Day Weekend

We’ve had such a great weekend as a family!  We played “Guesstures” Friday night. It’s like charades on steroids.  You have to act out the words on 4 cards before your time is up.  Chad and Rylie beat Presley and I in a tie-breaker round.  There’s something to be said for spending a whole night with no TV, no background noise, just the entire family together focused on having fun and loving each other.

Presley and Chad at the bowling alley

Yesterday morning, we woke up and took turns running a 5k.  I ran my 5k in 27 minutes which is a huge PR for me.  I give all the credit to my CrossFit Endurance training and the running drills I’ve been practicing.

We then took the kids to the bowling alley and met up with their mom and Mr. Norm.  I feel incredibly grateful to have an awesome “ex-wife in law.”  It makes me terribly sad when I hear ex-wife/2nd wife horror stories.  The only ones who suffer in those situations are the children.  I love the relationship I have with the girls’ mom.  She’s a great mother with an awesome sense of humor.  I definitely recognize we are blessed.  I digress.  Anyway, we went bowling, and I bowled a 131 (my best score ever by 28 points!).  I totally give the credit to CrossFit.

After going bowling, we went to Bill and Mandy’s for a pool day.  Bill and Mandy have been working so hard in their training sessions with us. Now, we’re upping the ante and holding them accountable on their food choices. We put them on a 2 week induction period:  no booze, no soda, no starch, no sugar, perfectly clean paleo/zone eating.  I was so impressed by their food choices yesterday.  As a coach, it makes my heart sing when my clients respond well and do what’s asked of them.

Today has been a blissfully lazy Sunday.  We watched church online.  We took the kids to Ihop.  Presley cracked us all up when she saw the smoking section.  “Why would people smoke at Ihop?  Ihop is supposed to be a happy breakfast place!”  Perspective.  Who knows what we’ll do the rest of this weekend?  All I know is I’m grateful for the time we’re sharing together as a family.  I’m grateful for a little balance.  I’m grateful for perspective.  I’m loving Labor Day Weekend!

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