Best Job on Earth

Me and Frank, after his amazing day of PR’s

At 1960 CrossFit, we’re currently in the 2nd week of the Lean Turkey Challenge.   This challenge was only open to 12 people, who were put on three teams of four.  Myself, Mandy, and Chad each drew a team out of a hat.   For the next 8 weeks, we are completely dedicated to our team members, giving them homework to complete each week, checking food logs, offering hyper-accountability.

I have Frank, Sarah, Terry, and Cassie on my team, and in just one week there has been so much progress!  Just yesterday, Frank (pictured above), went from not being able to do   assisted ring dips or kipping pull-ups to doing both on the 2nd to skinniest band (offering very little assistance).

There’s so much more to coaching than just getting people to lose weight or gain mass (goals are different for different people).  Coaching is about inspiring people to achieve greatness in body, mind, and spirit.  It’s about being a supporter, a friend, an adviser. A coach doesn’t always tell people what they want to hear, but they will tell them what they need to hear.  A great coach will put the success of their athletes ahead of their own success.

Everyday, I thank God that I am a coach!