Be Transformed


The first challenge of 2016 starts on January 11th. This 4 week challenge will include 24 days worth of supplements, a secret Facebook group for hyper-accountability (I’m going to post a daily workout in the Facebook group that can be done anywhere; that way those that don’t have access to a gym can participate too), 4 weeks of meal plans, and I will teach you everything you need to know about macros including how to calculate your own, how to track them, how to eat out, and what to do with food allergies/preferences.  At the end, there will be prizes!!!

Here’s how it works:

1.  Purchase the challenge pack that meets your fitness needs (if you want to do the challenge with supplements) or pay $80 here:

  • For energy, choose MNS-E
  • For appetite control, choose MNS-C
  • For weight management, appetite control and overall wellness, choose MNS-3

Click on the shop link, and select your 24 day Challenge. When you order before January 4th, you will receive free shipping, a blender bottle, food prep containers, and a bracelet.

*If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please contact me directly as there are a different set of supplements and macro nutrient needs for you.

2.  Add me personally as a friend on Facebook so I can add you to our secret group.

3. Take 3 photos of yourself:  front, back, and right side (profile).

Men: Shorts, no shirt.  Ladies: Sports bra and shorts.
Both genders, think ‘high speed, no drag’ when it comes to the clothing choices and be sure to put those clothes away in a safe place: you will need them for the ‘after shots’ and yes, they must be EXACTLY the same clothes, same lighting, same room. Fairness is key here.

*These photos will be kept private unless I am authorized to use them for website testimonials.

3. Take Measurements.

This is an important baseline.  If you have a friend who can help you measure, it might be easier. Here’s what we need:

  1. Neck at Adam’s apple for men, neck at mid point for women.
  2. Circumference of chest at nipple height.
  3. Waist at belly button.
  4. Hips at widest point. That certainly includes your glutes.
  5. Right Thigh, six inches above the top of the knee cap.
  6. Right Calf at widest point.
  7. Right Forearm at widest point.
  8. Right Wrist where you wear your watch.
  9. Right Bicep equidistant between elbow and top of shoulder.

Email these measurements to me by January 10th.




4. Record your data.   Here’s how you earn points for the prizes at the end of the challenge:

Complete a daily workout:  3 points
Not only do I want you to workout, I want you to tell everyone about it.  Share what you did in the Facebook group.

Eat Clean: 5 points
There’s no partial credit, either you ate right that day or you didn’t. Your meal plans will make it super easy, and they will be customized according to your macro needs. Points are earned for every day that you post your meals.

Share Knowledge: 1 point
You can earn one point (per day) for sharing a recipe, article, or  some form of tip or trick that will help other challengers get healthier and happier.


Now that you know the rules, what’s the reward?  Besides improved health and fitness…

1st place:  2 Months of FREE nutrition coaching

2nd place: 1 Month of FREE nutrition coaching

3rd place:  Goody bag of secret awesome stuff

How do I win?

Winning is based on 2 factors:  points accumulated and change in body composition (as reflected in body measurements).  Each criteria is worth 50%.

Let’s Do This!

So what do you say?  Are you ready to make a positive change in your life?

Be sure to purchase your challenge by January 4th at NOON.  This will ensure that I have enough time to customize everyone’s meal plans.

There is power in numbers, and I know that the more people who participate, the greater results we’ll experience together.

Who’s ready for a transformation?
*This challenge is not open to members of 1960 CrossFit.  There will be separate challenge hosted by the box.