saddle  I’ve always been very all or nothing.  Visit San Diego.  Sure, how about I just move there with $200 to my name (not the smartest idea I ever had)? Eat some chips.  Okay, how about I eat the whole bag (binges are the worst)?  Start a new Olympic lifting program.  YES, and how about I train for Ironman simultaneously (that was actually really fun)?  I’m usually either all in or all out.

I recently took a short sabbatical from the gym.  I’m back now, but instead of going in 100%, lifting daily, doing conditioning 5 days/week, and using rest days for active recovery; I’m only lifting three days a week and enjoying a little balance in my life.

Balance has never been my strong suit, but it is something I strive for daily.  Back in 2009, when I worked for Paul Mitchell the School Houston, I learned a lot from success coach Mary Burlingame.  One of my biggest takeaways from her was the Wheel of Balance.  I still use it with life coaching clients today.

wheel of balance

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill in the Wheel.  On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you in each of the following sectors? Take some time on this.  Color in the number selection in each sector.  When you finish, you will have a visual of what is out of balance in your life.
    1. Money – Are you debt free?  Are you content with your income?  Does your income allow you to live a life of purpose?
    2. Health – Are you satisfied with your current fitness level?  Is  you diet supporting a healthy, balanced lifestyle?
    3. Family & Friends – Do you feel supported by your family and friends?  Do you support them?
    4. Significant Other/Romance – Do you feel loved?  Are you expressing sacrificial love?
    5. Personal Growth – How satisfied are you with the direction your life is taking?  Are you seeking self improvement?  Do you actively seek to learn and grow?
    6. Recreation – How satisfied are you with your current level of fun?  Are you bored?  Do you need some excitement in your life?  Do you want to travel more? See more?  Do more?
    7. Physical Environment – Do you feel satisfied with your home, clothes, car, etc?  Note:  I don’t believe you need fancy things or a large home to feel satisfied.  I’m happiest on the road in my RV wearing clothes from Target.  However, everyone is different and entitled to their level of comfort.
    8. Career – Are you happy with your current work situation?  Are you heading in the right direction with your major or your level of studying?
  2. Score & Reflect.
    1. If you scored 0-4, then you are clearly unsatisfied in that area of life.  Do NOT look at this as a negative.  This is an awesome opportunity for growth!
    2. If you scored 5-7, then you are moderately satisfied, but there is always room for improvement.
    3. If you scored 8-10, then you are rocking that area of life.  Congratulations!  Now don’t get complacent because this score can easily drop if attention isn’t given to the area.  It’s like having a gorgeous yard.  If you quit watering the grass it will eventually wither and die.
    4. If you’re at all like me, then you might have a couple of 8-10’s while the rest of your wheel is 2-5’s.  This is typical of the all or nothing personality.  The goal is to eventually have 8-10’s across the wheel.
  3. Homework.  This is where goal setting happens and the fun really begins!
    1. List 1 or 2 specific actions that will bring more satisfaction to your life in each of the low scoring areas.
    2. Write these on the same sheet of paper as the wheel.
    3. Make the actions specific, measurable, realistic, and put a time on them.  For example:  my friends/family sector is a bit on the low side so I will 1) make it a point to see two friends a month and 2) go on a date with my husband at least twice a month.
  4.  Reassess every quarter.  This is the best way to maintain balance in your life.

Post thoughts to comments.  Things to consider:
1.  Did you have any aha moments after completing your wheel?
2.  Have you started implementing your action plan?  How is it going for you?
3.  Are you excited to get your life in balance?

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