Metro Dash…the 1st of Many

This past Saturday, myself, my husband and 5 of our athletes competed in Metro Dash.  It was an incredible experience:

5:30am – Wake up.  Get everything together.  Be ready to leave the house by 6am.

6:00am – Holy crap, it’s cold outside!!!!

6:01am – Run back inside for some gloves, hats, and a blanket.

6:05am – Hop in car and haul butt to Houston Farm & Ranch.

6:35am – Check in.  Check out the obstacles.  Stretch and try to shake off the nerves.

7:25am – Go to the holding area to hear the rules.  “You get two chances to complete the obstacle.  If you fail, you must complete 20 burpees.  If you don’t know what a burpee is, then you’re probably screwed.” 🙂

7:45am – “On your mark.  Get set.  Go!!!”  Chad and I are off!!!!

8:20 – Find out I placed 6th in the Elite Women Division.  This means I have to go through it all over again so my 2 times can be combined for my overall score.  Crap….I mean….Yay!

9:45 – Cheer on Terry, my amazing athlete with the 500 lb deadlift, as he goes through the course.

11:00 – I go through the course again.  After finishing the course for the 2nd time (including an additional 60 burpees), I feel exhilarated and exhausted.

11:45 – Do a food run and buy salads for everyone because they all deserve it!

12:30 – Cheer on Mandy and Bill, our soon-to-be new coaches, as they go through the course.

1:20 – Cheer on Stefanie and Desiree, the winners of the teamwork award, as they go through the course

2:00 – Take lots of pics, get everything together, and rush out for a surprise Chad has planned for me….

Overall, Metro Dash 2012 was one of the greatest experiences so far this year.  Doing events with my husband is always fun, but getting to participate in an event with my husband and a bunch of our athletes was absolutely amazing!  Oh, and I ended up being the 6th fastest female in the Elite division, which was pretty awesome!  It may have been my 1st event of the sort, but it definitely won’t be my last!