Beauty God’s Way

Strong is the new skinny.  You’ve seen the pictures:  beautiful women with perfectly sculpted abs and derrières, looking pensive while striking incredibly athletic poses.

As a naturally athletic body type, I love the slogan and the ads.  It’s great for girls, who aren’t naturally rail thin like the models they see in the magazines, to have a healthy body type to emulate.  I always like to play devil’s advocate, though, and my concern now is for those girls who are genetically slender.

I know it must be hard for the CrossFitting waif to see the “Strong is the New Skinny” slogan all over Facebook and Twitterverse.  I know a few women who desperately want to gain weight and have self-esteem issues related to their thinness.

My question is:  Can we all just be happy with the bodies God gave us?  As long as you eat clean and exercise daily your body will look the way God intended.  You may look strong.  You may look skinny.  As long as you’re living right, you will be beautiful!