Whole30 – Day 3

They say the first 3 days are the hardest when switching to a healthier lifestyle.  Because we already eat this way about 75-80% of the time, it hasn’t been too tough.  We’ll see how I feel next  Wednesday, which is our designated “treat (cheat) night.”  I have a feeling I’ll be missing my Dos Rita and nachos 😉

Breakfast:  a couple of slices of Applegate Farms turkey and a few bites of coconut bark.  The bark has raisins and currants in it for my carb.  I know it wasn’t enough food, but after coaching all morning for 1960 CrossFit and holding job interviews for a front desk position for Complete Health & Rehab, I couldn’t find the time to eat a substantial breakfast.

Lunch:  I did a little better. I heated us some left over chicken nuggets and ate those with an entire bag of steamable veggies.  I drizzled some coconut aminos on the veggies for a little added flavor.  Super delicious.  I ate some more coconut bark for fat.  On a side note, that coconut bark is saving my butt when it comes to fat.  I sometimes forget to eat enough fat, which leaves me lethargic and uninspired during a WOD.  These last 3 days, just by upping my fat intake, my energy has skyrocketed! Snack:  Apple with Sunbutter and a couple of slices of turkey.

Dinner:  After working a 14 hour day, I had no desire to cook.  We went to Willie’s where we split a nice sized grilled catfish, double veggies, and salad topped with olive oil and vinegar.


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