I’ve been going hard for the last 3 months:  working out, starting a business, helping my husband run his business, being a wife and stepmom, etc.  I’ve decided I need a break!

I can’t exactly take a break from work or wifey-hood, but I can give my body a well deserved break from working out.  There are a couple of different recovery theories in the CrossFit community.  I like the 12 weeks on 1 week off theory.  In an old issue of the CrossFit Journal, Larry Lindemann prescribed the following rotation:
*Weeks 1-3: WOD as RXed.
*Week 4: 50% volume (either reps, time, distance, or weight or any combo which makes sense).
*Week 12: Rest week no WODs, just fun activities.

I, personally, haven’t been very good about only going 50% on week 4.  The competitive athlete in me wants to go balls to the wall every workout.  Unfortunately, that mentality has left me over-trained, feeling weak, injured, and incredibly tired.  I’m glad I’ve experienced the back end of over-training because I know without a doubt that I never want to put my body through this again.

So, what will I do this week?  Sleep, eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat!!!

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